AMEREC Steambath Generators from HOT ROCKS are easy to install and maintain.

The compact generator may be conveniently mounted in a nearby closet, cabinet, or vanity; or in any insulated space up to 20 feet away.

Stainless steel tanks, solid-state technology, automatic drains, and replaceable heating elements mean years of trouble-free operation.

AK Generator Series

The AK generator features innovative "soft steam" element switching to maintain a consistent and comfortable steambath environment. Unlike conventional thermostatically controlled generators, the AK utilizes full power to quickly heat up the steamroom to its preset temperature. Then, the AK cuts power to half its elements, resulting in a more continuous flow of soft, billowing steam. Comparative testing provides proof of the superior performance resulting from "soft steam" element switching, a feature exclusive to the Amerec AK generator.

You may select either of two available AK controls, which can be mounted inside or outside the steamroom. You can also install dual controls – one inside the steamroom and another any place within twenty-five feet of the generator location.

K60 Control

K30 Control

The K60 control features a digital display that alternately displays ambient room temperature and time remaining. The three-button panel includes on/off, temperature setting and time setting controls, which can be adjusted up to 60 minutes. The K60 retains memory of the previous temperature and time settings.

The display window of the K30 lights up when the generator is on. It has a built-in 30-minute timer and an adjustable temperature range from 100° to 125°F. A simple on/off switch operates the generator.

AR Generator Series

An easy-to-use alternative, the AR is operated with the new R30i control, a simple on/off switch which can be mounted inside or outside the steam room, eliminating the need for an optional air switch. When the "on" button is pushed, the green indicator light tells the bather the generator is on and steam begins to appear in minutes. The AR has a built-in 30 minute timer which turns the generator off.

The AR features "whisper quiet" operation. A manual drain valve is standard, and an optional automatic flush system is available. You can install dual controls, one inside the steam room and one outside, anyplace within 100 feet of the generator location.


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